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Take that rage, put it on a page, take the page to the stage, blow the roof off the place.
A place that Franky DSVD knows all to well.
He is the lead singer of Belgium’s legendary metal band Channel Zero.
Next to rock’n roll and all the fun, Good old Franky was developing Turbeau Noir (2018).

He managed to brew this magnificent 8% Flemish Brown Ale with a little hint of tartness in the aftertaste.
That sweet sour sapidity is due to the forest fruits added to the ale and is fermented for 6 weeks in wooden foeders.
This Devine Ale will take you by surprise but you will remain captured by desire.
Turbeau Noir is a match made in heaven and will please all genders around the globe.

It’s complexity is edgy, dauntless and willful like the life of the Rockstar itself.

Carrefour Market Borgloon a special place to buy Turbeau Noir and meet … real zombies …

Turbeau Noir beer Ice with alcohol.
In collaboration with L'Heritage from Poperinge,
Artisan Ice Company with 20 years of beer ice cream experience.
2 volumes: 110 ml / 470 ml

Turbeau Noir DragonEggs
In collaboration with Reen
Artisan Chocolate Company from Keerbergen Belgium
Made with TurbeauNoir Beer and Carolina Reaper Hot Pepper

Hammer X Design creates TurbeauNoir Firepits
Amazing Metal Creative Company from Oostkamp Belgium

All boxes contain standard 6 x 4 Clipped bottles. Contact me for any further information.

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You can find Turbeau Noir in most drink stores in Belgium, 24 bottles 33 cl clipped by 4 inside this unique display box. 8 ABV

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